Maximus Medical Billing is a multi-specialty physician billing service.

We know how difficult it is to maintain a medical practice, treat patients, oversee staff members and bill clean claims the first time. Let us help you produce more expendable income with lower overhead and no start up fees.

  • We are medical billing professionals.
  • We know all insurance companies' billing guidelines, and we bill clean payable claims the first time.
  • We don't get paid until you are paid.
  • You only pay for work completed properly.
  • No more cost for expensive software or support, computers, printers, claim forms, envelopes or postage. We do it all.
  • You no longer pay an employee for a full week's salary, even when there is no work to do.
  • We will save you money with our assessment of your coding, and our contacts with insurance companies.
  • We are HIPAA Compliant.
  • Our software allows access 24/7 from any location, so there is no loss of control.

What We Do for Your Office:

  • Entering of all patient demographics and posting of the medical claim in HIPAA compliant software by a professional medical biller.
  • Billing all insurance companies electronically or on paper.
  • Posting of all payments and balance billing patients with monthly statements.
  • Billing to secondary carriers with primary EOBs.
  • Persistent follow-up with insurance companies on all unpaid claims.
  • Appeals on low reimbursements or incorrectly processed claims.
  • Soft collections as needed, including establishing payment plans with patients.
  • Patient balances available 24/7 from your location.
  • Yearly updates on codes, and consulting on a quarterly basis.
  • Financial reports and practice analysis.