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Q: I do not have insurance and would like to inquire about discounts or payment plans?

We at Maximus Medical Billing and the Physicians for whom we bill understand that the recent economic downturn has affected everyone, including our patients. Your doctor is more than willing to work with you to find mutually agreeable options for paying your bill. Maximus is happy to inquire about charity discounts from your doctor at your request.

If you cannot pay your entire bill now, you can arrange to pay in monthly installments. Please send us an email, fax or letter telling us: your name, your doctor’s name and the amount you are able to pay each month, and we will make note in your account. You will continue to receive a monthly bill for the whole amount. Simply send in your agreed-upon monthly payment and each month you will receive a statement/bill, for the new amount, until your balance is paid off.